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CARNIVAL 4th Anniversary Event ~Fusion Fiesta~

Thank you for your continued patronage of CARNIVAL TOKYO.

Thanks to everyone, we will be celebrating our 11th anniversary in November.

We will be holding a big event to commemorate our anniversary this year!

It's called Fusion Fiesta.

We will put on a show like never before!

・Date: 11/2~11/5

・Admission fee: ¥15000 for reservations, ¥18000 on the day

We also have special benefits for those who make reservations!

We also have games available only for these 4 days!

・11/2 Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament (Winners will receive 1 yen worth of tickets!)

・11/3 Auction event for costumes that were actually used!

・11/4 10 consecutive Kendama game (Tickets will be given as many as you ride!)

・11/5 Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament (Winners will receive a free invitation ticket!)

We also have various games and attractions waiting for you!

In-store, official LINE, TIGET (online reservationsplease use this form.) is now accepting reservations!

Seats are limited, so make your reservation early!

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