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joint anniversary

A regular SPECIAL project for the dancers who continue to support the carnival cheerfully and energetically, and for the customers who support the dancers★
♥Joint anniversary festival♥ for dancers celebrating their respective anniversaries from their debut will be held regularly! !Please come and visit us and give a warm voice to our favorite dancers! ! ☺

-Date and Time

Joint anniversary show! !

🍑 4/2
Mash 4/3

We will be performing a one night only show! !

Admission fee ¥10000 (including all-you-can-drink alcohol)
*Various discounts cannot be applied
*90 minute course, ladies plan not applicable

- Please feel free to contact the store for details ♪ -
Free entry and exit during business hours on the day!
All-you-can-drink soft drinks!
Reliable ALL advance payment system! !
(^_-)-☆ We look forward to welcoming you all♪

Kamata Showhouse

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