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joint birthday

Celebrate that girl's BIRTHDAY together♪♪
Held every month ★ "Joint Birthday"!
We are having a blast celebrating the birthdays of dancers born this month!

▼▼Date of this month▼▼

Don't miss it! ! , there is a special show for this day only! ! !
Parking area maximum for XNUMX cars!

Click here for CARNIVAL dancers born this month

Nonoka 4/1
Emma 4/1
Seri 4/2
Shiki 4/4
Robin 4/16

Admission fee ¥10000 (including all-you-can-drink alcohol)

*Various discounts cannot be applied
*90 minute course, ladies plan not applicable

Free entry and exit during business hours on the day!
All-you-can-drink soft drinks!
Reliable ALL advance payment system! !

*If the event is held on the 1st, 11th, 21st, and 31st, you will also receive the special benefits of "Day with 1"!
*We may cancel the month when there is no dancer in the birth month.
*May end without notice.Please check the latest information on our website before using.
*If the benefits and contents of the event overlap, the benefits of the event will take precedence.
*Gifts for dancers are only accepted during the month of the dancer's birthday.For details, please check the "Guidelines for presents for dancers".

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Kamata Showhouse

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