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all-you-can-drink day

All-you-can-drink day will be held♪

On days marked as all-you-can-drink days in the event calendar,
All-you-can-drink alcohol for the regular admission fee 🍺

Let's heal the daily fatigue with alcohol and a spectacular show time ♪
However, please be careful not to drink too much! ⚠
Let's have fun together! ! 🍻

If you enter at the regular price
No time limit
Free entry and exit during business hours on the day!
All-you-can-drink soft drinks!
Reliable ALL advance payment system! !

*Applies only to those who enter with the unlimited plan.
*It will be held only on the days listed in the event calendar.
Please refer to the event calendar for dates.
Please check the latest information on our website before using.

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