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Days with XNUMX are CARNIVAL days

Held every month ♪ Very profitable ♪♪
"A day with a 1 is a CARNIVAL day!"
We are waiting for you with two "discounts"!

Get a 1,000 yen OFF coupon for the entrance fee ★Gift! !
The other one is something you can enjoy after coming to the store♪♪

Discount date
Days with 1 every month (1st, 11th, 21st, 31st)
*May end without notice.Please check the latest information on our website before using.
*If the benefits and contents of the event overlap, the benefits of the event will take precedence.

Of course, as usual
No time limit
Free entry and exit during business hours on the day!
All-you-can-drink soft drinks!
Reliable ALL advance payment system! !

We look forward to welcoming you all♪

Kamata Showhouse

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