Hourly wage

Compensation for waitress work

~30 days 1,800 yen
~100 days 2,000 yen
100 days ~ 2,200 yen
If you get a position + there is an hourly wage

★ Hourly wages are not generated during breaks.

● Commission (tip)

Request shows, show tips, etc.
Receive cash or tickets from customers
Regarding the tip you received, we will pay the prescribed percentage by bank transfer.

●Sales commission

It is a commission that occurs at a specified rate when a dancer performs a product sales menu to a customer.Merchandise will be sold during the interval between shows under the direction of the floor manager.
·draft beer
・Bottle beer
・Glass of champagne
・ Grabbing snacks
・Soft drinks (melon cream soda, mixed juice, etc.)
・Other product sales, etc.
・Ticket 1 sheet

●About transfer

Twice a month
Payment from 1st to 15th on the 25th of the month
Payment from 16th to the end of the month on the 10th of the following month

We will transfer the combined hourly wage + tip percentage and product sales percentage.
As withholding income tax paid to the country, 10.21% will be withheld from the total amount of (hourly wage + commission).

●About the dinner party

CARNIVAL can not accompany you, but as a production of a special time with the "Oshi" dancers, we are holding a dinner party in plain clothes in the store.
Of course, hourly wages will be generated during the dinner party.