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CARNIVAL TOKYO was finally featured on Aiseki Shokudo.

Thank you for your continued support of CARNIVAL.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you know about ``Aiseki Shokudo,'' which is broadcasted by two people from Chidori as MCs?

Aiseki Shokudo official website

This is a program in which two comedians, Chidori, check out the locations of young comedians who pursue comedy while also offering some tsukkomi.
CARNIVAL TOKYO was featured on that program, and even looking at past data, I never expected it to be on a program as big as such a big program (Ad Street Heaven).

I still remember how excited we, the staff, were when we were initially interviewed.
The two people who were filming on location were the two members of "Beni Ginger" who gained popularity after winning THE W.
I think they have found a new marketing avenue in the sense that women can enjoy it as well, and that they can have two carnivorous female entertainers enjoy it.

Our goal at CARNIVAL TOKYO is to

We want you to enjoy an extraordinary experience in Kamata.

In that sense, it goes without saying that this Aiseki Shokudo restaurant's marketing, which only took a few minutes, generated tremendous traffic.

TV is amazing!

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