Media introduction

Hong Kong's most influential YouTuber "Jason" visited our store!

CARNIVAL TOKYO is finally actively appealing to inbound customers.
Moreover, this time it's Jason, an overseas influencer who has interested me.

Jason's official YouTube channel

🇭🇰×🇯🇵 Jason and Mai are the most influential influencers in Hong Kong.
It also has an impact on information dissemination in Japan. In Hong Kong, which has a population of 750 million people, we achieved 100 million registered users, something that was said to be impossible. This is a channel that is subscribed to by approximately one in seven people in the population.
Jason, who has an astonishing total of approximately 2 million SNS registrants between the two of us, finally interviewed CARNIVAL TOKYO.

Thanks to Jason's video, we have a lot of customers visiting our store not only from Hong Kong but also from China.
I felt that the magnitude of the influence was immeasurable.
I'm very satisfied with the editing, as they were able to show the parts of CARNIVAL TOKYO that they wanted to show, not only the sexiness of the dancers, but also the customer service.

Please come to CARNIVAL TOKYO after reading this article.
Overseas customers are welcome!

*We accept interviews from both domestic and overseas locations at any time.
Please contact us in advance if you would like to take pictures.

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