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 【5/30 (Tue.) 31 (Wed.)】"HALF ANNIVERSARY" to be held! !

Thanks to you, the carnival has been open for three and a half years! !

Thank you for your warm patronage...
that name as well"HALF ANNIVERSARY”Event held! !

date and time]

May 2023 (Tue), 5 (Wed), 30


★ Revival of performances from the 1st to the 3rd anniversary
★Horse d'oeuvres will be provided for visitors who arrive before the 1st show.
★Benefit for those who make a reservation is a stage photo! !

Experience a night to remember!


15,000 yen on the day
Reservation 13,000 yen

*Coupons and other discounts cannot be used together on the event date.Please note.

- Please feel free to contact the store for details ♪ -
Of course, as usual
 No time limit Free entry and exit during business hours on the day!All-you-can-drink soft drinks!Reliable ALL advance payment system! ! (^_-)-☆ We look forward to welcoming you all♪

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