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Last spurt🔥

Hello everyone! It's 🍑.
Autumn has suddenly arrived, how are you doing?

Now, in October, rehearsals with the lighting staff have begun 🌟

The collaboration of colorful lighting and dancers' performance is truly a Fusion Fiesta!Wonderful works that are suitable for a festival of fusion have been completed 🌈

This time 🍑, we have asked Yu-ki sensei to choreograph as a guest choreographer for the department we are in charge of!
This is a work with a world view full of adult atmosphere that is completely different from previous carnivals.
In my personal opinion, it's a show that makes you want to get dressed up and watch it with a glass of wine in hand!

Stay tuned 😉

That's all 🍑!

yu-ki (GN.BBs)

Graduated from Toho Gakuen College of Art.
In 2015, she went to New York to study dance and learned various genres of dance.
After returning to Japan, he works as a choreographer, creating and instructing dance scenes for various stages, from musicals to straight plays, and choreography for backup dancers, as well as working as an instructor at a dance school in Tokyo.
In addition, as the leader of the dance team GN.BBs (Good Night Babies), he does all the choreography, direction, and composition, and also appears as a performer himself.

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