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I've started hard work! !

Hello everyone!
This is Ayumu, the director.

September is finally here, and the show is being finalized one by one (final adjustments to the dance moves, confirmation of where to stand on stage, costume matching, etc.)
I'm in.

Releasing all 50 new works by a total of over 17 dancers is a real challenge for everyone, including the staff.
However, we would like everyone who comes to see us to experience a new carnival TOKYO, and we hope to be able to show off a more powerful version of ourselves.

This time, for one of our new pieces, we have one of the numbers composed by the famous tap dance heavyweight, Mr. HideboH.

Everyone, please look forward to seeing what kind of performance it will be (^ ^)
(If I say too much, it will be a spoiler, so I'll stop here😅)

The critical moment is yet to come! !

We will all work together as one (^ ^)

Director Ayumu

◉HideboH profile
She started tap dancing at the age of XNUMX and became an instructor at the age of XNUMX, and moved to the United States at the age of XNUMX.
Studied under Henry Rutan, the teacher of Gregory Hines, a top star in the tap world.

After returning to Japan, he established his own style, Funk-a-Step.

In the 2003 film ``Zatoichi'' directed by Takeshi Kitano, he was responsible for everything from the choreography to the overall direction of the tap and stomp scene of the farmers, and is a leading figure in popularizing tap dance in Japan.

In the Netflix movie "Asakusa Kid", written by Takeshi Kitano and directed by Hitori Gekidan, which will be released in December 2021, he provided tap choreography and guidance to the two stars, Hiroshi Oizumi and Yuya Yagira, and has been well received.

He continues to be active in a wide range of genres, including performing at live shows, stages, and events, as well as choreographing, composing, and directing.In recent years, he has been actively working on not only tap, but also acting and singing, and has been involved in movies and musicals. His activities are wide-ranging, including appearances in

◉HideboH SNS
[Twitter] @jphunk141
[Instagram] @hideboyhideboh
[TikTok] @gogohidesan

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