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Notice of joint birthday in August! !

Hello everyone (❁´◡`❁)

This is Yamazaki, the store manager of CARNIVAL TOKYO and the lighting manager~😁

This blog is an announcement of the joint birthday in August👍

For some reason, every year Yamazaki is in charge of the lighting for the special show on our joint birthday in August🤔

Of course, Yamazaki will be in charge of this year too 💡

The birthday girls in August, who make jokes every year

Something is wrong with me this year.

It seems like a special show without any jokes (?). . .

The shop is closed today, but until just a little while ago, I was silently making lighting for a special show at the shop.

Please enjoy this wonderful special show that is serious and without jokes (?)!

8/25 will be our joint birthday, so we are looking forward to your reservation🍙🍙🍙

Let's all celebrate the birthday girls born in August🍙🍙🍙

That's all for Yamazaki~!


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