Staff recruit

Application guidelines for costume production

Job category

Costume designer and sewing staff

work content

● Sewing and maintenance of costumes, swimwear, and accessories worn by dancers appearing in the show
●You can sew decorations such as sequins on ready-made costumes (clothes, swimwear, accessories, etc.) by hand or by a sewing machine.
Arrangements for clothes ordering, equipment management, cleaning, etc.


● Those who have common sense as a member of society
●Experience in sewing/sewing
●Experience using industrial or industrial sewing machines

*Experience in sewing, sewing, and using a sewing machine is required.At the interview, please show us your design illustrations and your portfolio of costumes and clothes that you have created.

* Even if you have no work experience, there is no problem if you have graduated from a vocational school or have work experience, so please feel free to apply.

welcoming experience

● Those who have work experience as costume design, costume production, pattern maker, sewing staff, etc.
● Those who have graduated from a vocational school related to clothing, fashion, and patterns
-Those who can model FRP processing and urethane processing

The kind of person we are looking for

● Those who have good communication skills and cooperativeness, and can value teamwork
Those who are willing to absorb new things and technologies

Employment status

① Regular employee
②Part-time job part

Work location/Transportation

About 2 minutes on foot from JR Kamata Station

Working hours

12:00 - 21:00
21: 00 ~ 6:00 the next day


Monthly salary from 230,000 yen
Part-time job
Hourly salary 1,350 yen

Employee Welfare

・Overtime allowance (over 30 hours)
・ Midnight allowance
・Various social insurances (health, welfare pension, employment, industrial accident)
・ Regular health checkup
・ Transportation expenses (up to 2 yen)
・ Free clothing
* Only for some regular employees

Applications for interviews are accepted on LINE.

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