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In order to maintain the public trust in our business and to ensure the appropriateness and soundness of our business, CARNIVAL will not have any relationship with anti-social forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society in accordance with the following policy. Complete blocking.

Cutting off all relationships, including transactions

We will not have any relationship, including business relationships, with anti-social forces.In addition, we will not respond to unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.The same shall apply to cases where financing transactions, etc. are carried out in partnership with other companies (credit companies, etc.).

Response as an organization

We will establish clear grounds in regulations, etc., and respond as an entire organization, starting with the president, while paying attention to ensuring the safety of our employees.

Collaboration with external specialized agencies

In preparation for dealing with anti-social forces, we will always maintain close cooperation with external specialized agencies such as the police, the Center for the Elimination of Violent Organizations, and lawyers.

Legal response to unreasonable demands

We will take legal action against unreasonable demands by anti-social forces.

No Backroom Dealings or Funding

Never engage in backroom deals to hide the facts.In addition, we will never provide funds to anti-social forces.