Dancer duties

Customer service (main job)

Even if you enter the restaurant as a dancer, the basic job is waitressing, such as ordering drinks and serving food.
For 30 hours after entering the store, only waitress work will be done, and you will remember the store.


We have a variety of shows such as sexy, cute, comical, and acrobatics.
There are currently over 100 performances.Memorize one by one, take a check, and if you pass, it will be a show debut.

●Product sales

You will actually get off the stage, go around the customer's seats, and while communicating with the customer, sell tickets, order drinks, etc., and promote sales.

●Difference from other stores

・Dancers and staff do not drink alcohol.
・ Basically, there is no one-on-one customer service.
・Since it is not a cabaret club, there is no contact information exchange, companionship, or after-sales service.