About benefits

About shift

●Complete shift system

Once a month, we request that you submit a request for attendance on the dedicated page for dancers.We will send it out by the 1th of every month and confirm attendance by the 20th.
In addition, if it is difficult to submit shifts by the 20th due to other work or school, please contact us and we will make adjustments.
* Depending on the person who wants to work and the situation of the store, it may not be possible to work on the desired date.


Hourly wage reduction (-\600)

1. Excessive sunburn (swimsuit marks, etc.)
2. Skin cracks, rough skin, BMI of 24 or higher → wearing pareos
10.Refusal to appear on the solo stage (except for the first XNUMX days from the first day of work)
*BMI = weight (kg) ÷ height (m) ÷ height (m)

Weight measurement at the beginning of the month

If you have a BMI of 24 or higher, you will not be able to participate in shows for a month.


Both late arrivals and absences will be removed from show members from the next working day.
See below for dates

Lateness: 1 day
Absent on the day: 3 days
Unauthorized absence: 7 days
*You will not be able to participate in any rehearsals such as rehearsals, transfers, checks, and hardening on the days you are late or missed.

About application of tardiness/absence penalties

If you do not contact us by the closing time of the previous day (25:00 if the store is closed) for both lateness and absence, you will be subject to a penalty.
If you do not contact us after the closing time of business and before business starts (19:00) on the next day, you will be absent without permission.

In the case of work suspension due to rule violations or work suspension due to shop circumstances, practice participation penalty will be applied only on the day of work suspension.

Also, regardless of the penalty exemption for absences on the day, you will not be able to attend practice that night (including transfers and checks).

Please contact us via LINE by 25:25 on the previous day (Sundays and holidays by XNUMX:XNUMX) to change your work time.

● Exemption from lateness/absence penalties

If there is no choice but to delay public transportation, the penalty will be waived by submitting a delay certificate.
You will be penalized if you are late for your own reasons (double work, etc.) or if you change your commute time on the day.

Also, if you missed work on the day due to poor physical condition, please send the receipt you saw at the hospital to LINE by the closing time of the day before the next work day.
If submitted after the incense board has been assembled, the number of appearances may be reduced as it will be adjusted and assembled.

Since you may not be able to go to the hospital on that day due to poor physical condition, please submit a receipt dated within one week from the date of absence.

●Regarding leaving early

If you leave early twice in two weeks for personal reasons, including poor health, you will be removed from the show members for the next work day.
If public transportation is expected to be disrupted due to weather, or if the store instructs you to leave early, it will not be counted.

difficult to hire

● Those under the age of 20

●Foreigners with a residence card and work restrictions

Those with conspicuous tattoos, scars, or bruises


●Free lesson

You can take free lessons such as acrobatic content such as professional pole dancers, hoops and aerial silks, voice training and stretching.
However, there is a limit to the number of lessons available.It is possible to take lessons with priority for two months after entering the store.

● About employment

It is not an employment contract with Show Dining Co., Ltd., but a business consignment as a sole proprietorship.
So, there are many people who have double jobs and are dancers on the side.
As a sole proprietorship, you will have to file your final tax return at the end of the year.