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November performance decision A fusion of the specialties of different directors,
Carnival celebration with a mix of diverse elements
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Fusion fiesta

It is a magnificent program that combines the specialties of different directors and mixes diverse elements to provide an extraordinary festival-like experience.



1st show Movie hits!

Action, adventure, fantasy, and romance...the excitement and emotion of the movie theater jumps off the screen and has arrived here at CARNIVAL TOKYO!
Please enjoy the spectacular beginning of Fusion Fiesta.

2nd show Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter

A gem of a scene woven by dancers who express the seasons.
It's definitely worth seeing.

3rd show OMOCHA-BAKO

In addition to dancing, try other genres as well! !
We bring you a futuristic carnival!


2023 days from 11/2/2023 (Thursday) to 11/5/4 (Sunday)
We will be holding a CARNIVAL TOKYO 4th anniversary & FUSION FIESTA release commemorative event.

Admission fee: 18,000 yen (tax included)
Advance reservation: 15,000 yen (tax included)

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