About the costume

About hair and makeup

●Hair and makeup

Please be conscious of your special hair and makeup as a show dancer.
There is also a dedicated hair and makeup staff, and you can receive it for free.
However, due to the number of hair and makeup staff and the number of people undergoing treatment, there is an upper limit to the number of reservations.

● Nail

A dancer is a job where you can always see your body.Please be very conscious of how you look, from your fingertips to your toes, and be sure to apply nail polish or manicure.

In order to produce extraordinary? (Costume edition)

●Swimwear/20cm heels

On the floor, swimwear and 20 cm heels show off your body lines beautifully, creating an extraordinary feeling.Regarding swimwear, we will present the first one when you enter the store.Regarding heels, we rent them for free for the first two months.
Once you get used to it, incorporate your own colors, such as your favorite colors and patterns, and increase your fans.

In order to produce extraordinary? (Lip edition)

Color of lip

In order to create an extraordinary feeling, we use a deep and vivid red lip.

What is provided/purchased

● What is paid

Items provided by the CARNIVAL costume department at the time of entry
・Swimwear (1st item will be provided)
·hair ornaments
・Inner pants

● About heels

There are floor heels and show heels.
Floor heels are rented free of charge for 2 months after entering the store. After the 3rd month, please purchase at the CARNIVAL costume department. (From 1 yen per pair)

● NG items related to belongings

·body cream
・Private necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings
・Lightly scented perfume, unisex
・ Men's perfume, coconut perfume (because of different tastes)
・A hair accessory that does not match the color of the micro bikini