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Reasons to go

CARNIVAL goes with spicy food.Spicy foods have the ability to induce a strong sense of well-being.
It has the nature of trying to endure suffering by giving a strong pleasure that is the exact opposite of pain.
In other words, there is no doubt that the time you spend at CARNIVAL will give you an unforgettable pleasure as well as healing.People call it "addiction".
Let's enjoy
the extraordinary
experience together

too beautiful, too attractive

Dancers who are dedicated to their expression shine brighter than anything else.Don't miss the sight of dancers who aim to be cool, practice daily, refine their expressive power, and move on to the actual performance.Sweat dancing in front of customers is too beautiful.And become attractive too.

With proactive communication, the excitement reaches its climax

Communication with dancers that is usually unthinkable.Your mind and body will always be addicted to the thrill and excitement in the box called CARNIVAL, which looks like a picture of the extraordinary.With positive communication once felt, your CARNIVAL addiction will reach its peak.


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