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If there is someone you want to support, it can become your daily vitality.The presence of that “push” will support you, heal you, and become an irreplaceable existence that is not anyone.
If you cross the door of this CARNIVAL now, your favorite is waiting.
Let's enjoy
the extraordinary
experience together

Find your guess!

CARNIVAL has a "push" that cannot be expressed by a simple "like".There are dancers who make you feel precious, beautiful, and uplifting.
First, find your favourite.Then, with an outpouring of love, why not support a dancer with the hope that your own child will grow up?

To you who want to experience adult cool

At this CARNIVAL, you can experience an extraordinary and enchanting moment that you can never experience in your normal life.There is no doubt that the space woven by elegant DANCER will be addictive.

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Please purchase a ticket from STAFF or DANCER.


Please find your favorite dancer.


Please hand over the ticket directly after the showtime.



This BACHELOR PARTY is not familiar in Japan, but it is one of the cultures that is always held in Europe and the United States.In fact, there are even movies based on this BACHELOR.

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The first house is not enough, so the second house.Bars and restaurants...but I'm getting tired of them.Wouldn't you like to have a little bit of a shock with something a little different and something you don't normally experience?

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In addition, I want to celebrate the birthday of my boss who always takes care of me, and I want to have a more fun birthday than a house party.In response to such requests, we have prepared a plan as one of the SURPRISE CARNIVAL this time.

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Advance reservations are also accepted.

You can also reserve your seat in advance.
Please use all means.(Advance payment by credit card is required.)

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