From application to adoption

① Inquiries

Please contact us by LINE, phone, or email below.We will schedule an interview according to your convenience.
Those who are interested but have not yet decided whether to work
Those who are inexperienced in dance and are lost
Please feel free to contact us.

② Interview

All you need to bring on the day of the event is an ID card with a face photo.Don't wear a suit, just wear casual clothes and relax.
We will talk about salary and work details for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

③ Recruitment

As described on another page, we will send you a letter of acceptance if you are not eligible for employment.We will coordinate the schedule for actually working at the store.

④ Start work

If you are unsure, worried, or unsure, you can also take a "shop tour".Also, if you try to join but it's not what you expected, don't worry, you can quit at any time.