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A show where dancers in sexy costumes sing and dance on a gorgeous stage.
Even if there are shops that incorporate singing and dancing, the performance of CARNIVAL's dancers draws a line,
You will feel a lot of emotion and excitement with high-quality dance.

ATTRACTIVE"Healing" because it is an adult.

For those who feel tired or are looking for healing from daily stress, here is the healing.The dancers welcome you with their hearts and smiles.


ATTRACTIVEA dance show that never gets boring.

Produces a masterpiece performance that does not make you feel gravity.And there is no doubt that you will be captivated by the beautiful physique that is being trained, the advanced technique that is the result of daily practice, and the dignified performance.


ATTRACTIVETo make tonight your precious time.

We will maximize your relaxing time with uncompromising equipment such as discerning sound equipment and gorgeous lighting.


ATTRACTIVEgood access.An easy-to-reach place.

1 minute walk from JR Kamata Station West Exit!Access from Shinagawa Station and Haneda Airport is also good, so you can feel free to visit even if you live far away.


ATTRACTIVEClear accounting and safe and secure deposit system

The entrance fee and food and drink charges are "complete advance payment system" of peace of mind.Even if you enter the store for the first time, you can enjoy the fascinating time of CARNIVAL until the store closes.With a free soft drink service that makes you even more happy ♪


ATTRACTIVEOne person or a group.Even entertaining.

It is also good to enjoy alone.It is good to enjoy with a group, and we will deliver healing and excitement beyond national borders to customers who came from foreign countries. CARNIVAL is an all-round space that can be used not only for sightseeing but also for entertainment.

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You can also reserve your seat in advance.
Please use all means.(Advance payment by credit card is required.)

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