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Thoughts on coverage of CARNIVAL

We would like to inform you about CARNIVAL's policies regarding the media.
If you are considering interviewing us, please check this policy before contacting us.

Basically, the show business industry is reluctant to be exposed to mass media such as television.
There are good reasons for that.

・Depending on the content of the show, overly radical clothing may be caught in the broadcast code.
・I don't want to be seen by young people under the age of XNUMX.
・I want the show guests to be quiet

That's why.

For us at CARNIVAL, we believe that we should be able to expect further effects by making show business itself more popular.In the good old days, I want to captivate the audience by seeing high-quality shows of dancers in many countries, including overseas.In the past, we were proceeding under the concept of not showing the faces of the dancers, but we renewed the site, reviewed the concept design, and actively put CARNIVAL dancers in the foreground, and many people felt the excitement of CARNIVAL. I would like you to

Cases in which interviews cannot be accepted

We will refuse coverage if the content is unsubstantiated or claimed to be obscene.

We also refuse unsubstantiated claims such as that dancers can earn money or that many of our customers are celebrities.
The show house has different management methods and rules for each store depending on the interpretation of laws and ordinances.
Even in CARNIVAL, we operate with the first priority of being legal and safe.
Easy broadcasts and publications based solely on information written on the Internet lack ethics as a media, and we cannot cooperate with them.

If no CARNIVAL credits are received

We want to express our opinions openly and honestly, whether good or bad.
Also, I think it is important for those who see the media to know where the information came from.
Therefore, we cannot accept interviews that are "only introduced by registered members".

It can be said that there is a high possibility that we will basically refuse media that is likely to be viewed by young people under the age of 18.

Example) Fashion site for teens, introduction of back part-time job, etc.
However, we may be able to accept interviews under certain conditions, such as clearly stating that the site cannot be used by young people, and ensuring that the content does not cause discomfort to users viewing the article.

Cases that can be interviewed

There is no problem at all if it is not an advertisement for CARNIVAL.

It doesn't matter if the show house is suspicious or CARNIVAL is suspicious.
However, if it is a fake to make the content interesting, it is NG.

The size of the media and the size of its influence are irrelevant to the presence or absence of cooperation

The important thing for CARNIVAL is to operate as honestly as possible.
Whether or not you agree with that idea is important.
We believe that there is no difference whether it is a major key station or a nameless YouTuber.


We do not accept coverage fees from the media.

Receiving coverage fees may make it impossible to adhere to our club's policy, so we do not ask for compensation or performance fees.

If you want to hear from customers who use CARNIVAL

CARNIVAL will ask you to explain the risks and negotiate the appearance.
Appearance auditions and individual meetings may not be available.

If you agree to the above, please contact us from the inquiry below.

Inquiries about coverage