CARNIVAL concept

We aim to provide show entertainment that impresses our customers.
The concept is "grown-up cool".
While creating an extraordinary feeling with the charming customer service of the dancers, we are demonstrating our strengths with a unique warm atmosphere and hospitable customer service.

Average hourly wage is over 3,000 yen

It's an exceptionally high income, but [I don't drink alcohol] [I don't sit next to customers] [I don't exchange contact information with customers]!You can make a lot of money in a short time, so you can work while taking plenty of private time.

Take lessons for free

Basic dance lessons are available for those with no experience, and acrobatic (poles, hoops, slings, etc.) and voice training lessons are available for those who want to improve their skills!
All lessons are [free], and [professional instructors] are in charge.Whether you want to start dancing or want to master it, any reason is welcome!Would you like to aim for adult cool together?

i want to work but i don't dance
option is OK

We are looking for people who can smile, be cheerful, and be able to serve customers cheerfully.People who are not interested in dance at the moment but would like to work are also welcome!Would you like to work with us as a floor cast?

Extraordinary FANTASY Original ORIGINAL Generous customer service OMOTENASHI Hard

CARNIVAL concept

Among many show clubs and show pubs, CARNIVAL attaches great importance to customer service.
CARNIVAL's strength is the polite customer service with such a gap, where the dancers who were dancing cool on the stage until a while ago come to talk to us with a smile.