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Nakasu Muscats x CARNIVAL TOKYO collaboration planned summer festival event "Tsukushi Tsukushi Tonari" will fly down to CARNIVAL!

Nakasu Muscats is the most fun show house located in Nakasu.We do our best not only to sing and dance, but also to provide laughter, and entertain our customers with special performances.

Among the Nakasu Muscats, Tsukushi Torino is particularly popular.This time Tsukushi will appear as a collaboration project at CARNIVAL TOKYO.

Tsukushi Rino captivated the audience with her charming singing voice and dance performance.Her energetic stage performance is undoubtedly one of the top favorites.Watching her perform will lift your spirits away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At CARNIVAL TOKYO, the reason why Tsukushi's charm will be fully demonstrated is...

stunning performance,

gorgeous clothes,

And in order to maximize the charm of the stage show that is unfolded to entertain customers

The interior has been extensively renovated.

Once you see this collaboration project, it will be full of unforgettable charm.

(It's a collaboration project limited to 2 days, but I can't deny the possibility of becoming addicted.)

Tsukushi Torino's collaboration project is a great opportunity to spend the most fun time in this city.

Surrender yourself to the performance and enjoy an exciting night.

Tsukushi Tokino's combined talents make this special event a wonderful memory.

By all means, please visit CARNIVAL TOKYO and experience the charm of Mr. Tsukushi Tono!

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