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Eimi Fukada x CARNIVAL TOKYO collaboration event Sexy Queen "Eimi Fukada" reigns in CARNIVAL!

In 2020, "Eimi Fukada" was selected as the first place in the 2020 AV buzzword award for the word "Ogiri AV actress", and made a big break as "Ogiri sister".

Its popularity has been tremendous, and in 2022, a 24-hour free hug event was held in Shibuya, and it was so successful that more than 1000 people formed long lines.

Furthermore, at the 2023-hour free hug meeting held in Osaka in 24, a whopping 3221 hugs were recorded.

This time, "Eimi Fukada" will appear as a collaboration event at CARNIVAL TOKYO.

Schedule: 8 month 19 day (Saturday)
Opening: 19: 00
Start: 19: 20
End: 21:00

How to visit: Complete reservation system

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On the day of the event, there will be a special one-night-only dance show by Eimi Fukada and CARNIVAL dancers, as well as mini games with Eimi Fukada!

Please note that photography is not possible during normal business hours at CARNIVAL TOKYO, but...
Showtime only for this event
“Special shooting is OK”.

Experience the sexy and sensual dance performance of Eimi Fukada as a former idol up close, and deliver a wonderful time that will remain in your heart.

By all means, please visit CARNIVAL TOKYO and experience the charm of Eimi Fukada.

※It is a complete reservation system.
*You can make a reservation only from the "Reservation" button.
*Please refrain from taking pictures with cameras.Only mobile photography is allowed.
*Please refrain from using a monopod or tripod for photography.
*Please refrain from taking pictures while standing up.
*Please note that Youtube will be filmed on the day.

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